How to Become a Successful Rideshare Driver

How to Become a Successful Rideshare Driver

Becoming a Rideshare Driver is one of the fastest and easiest way to earn income while enjoying a flexible work schedule.   But, there are things you need to know to be successful and make the most from the opportunity.  In this 6 part course you and a small group of cohorts will learn what it takes to be a great, high-rated and profitable driver.

This course is for:
  1. Job Seekers - people who like driving and are interested in becoming a rideshare driver
  2. Side Income Seekers - people looking to supplement their income with a flexible earning opportunity
  3. Drivers -people who drive or have driven for other types of services but are considering becoming a rideshare driver

What's in the course

1.  Getting ready to drive

- What's required to be a rideshare driver
- What type of people make the best drivers
- What you need to understand about working as a Gig worker (independent contractor, setting own schedule/work load

2. Getting started as a rideshare driver
-  How to sign up with a rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft
-  How to ready your vehicle
-  How to make sure you have the right insurance

3. Working as a rideshare driver
-  Using a rideshare app on your smartphone or computer
-  Understand how it works for the driver and the rider
-  Accepting trips and making pick-ups and drop-off
-  How to create a great driving experience

4. Tech tools to help you succeed
- How to use Google Maps and Waze
- Tips and tools for managing your time effectively
- Tools for managing your income and expenses

5.  Maximizing Ratings and Earnings
- What is customer service
- Tips for delivering a great customer experience
- Understand driver ratings and why they are so important
- Tips for increasing your ratings
- What is surge pricing and how it can affect your earnings

6.  Driver Tips
-  Importance of maintaining your car
-  Keeping records for taxes

What is special about this course
1. Online, live instructor-led sessions  plus articles and videos for additional knowledge.   You'll be able to ask questions directly in our live sessions and also have access to additional learning materials to use when you want.
2. Learn with a cohort of older peers.   Focused on learning experiences for older adults, our peer to peer learning platform let's you safely and comfortable learn along with other older adults.
3. Access to growing resources. We are continually adding new courses, resources, articles that will help you and your business succeed.

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