Getting Back to Work

Getting Back to Work

Do you want to reenter the workforce but don't know where to begin?  Or, are you eager to work but struggling to find an opportunity that is right for you? In this course, you and a small group of other older adults,  will participate in instructive sessions, explore job related resources and tackle  assignments to help you build abridge between your skills, interests, and goals and finding opportunities in today's workplace.  Join this cohort to help you get back on track for work.

 This course is for

1. Job Seekers who are unsure of where to start or what to do to find their next position and want direction and accountability for action
2. Unemployed Older Adult Workers  who are struggling in their search for a new role and want guidance, support and accountability to help them move forward
3. Employed Adults who want to change positions and want to get started in a new direction with the guidance, action plan and peer support

What's in this course

  1. Assessing your skills and identifying your talents
    - Understanding the difference between hard and soft skills
    - How to get started creating our skills inventory
    - Identifying skills that will help you stand out
    - Insights into skills in demand today
  2. Researching career options
    - Tips for matching your skills and interests with jobs
    - How to anticipate demand for jobs of interest to you
    - Informational interviews and how they can help your job search
  3. Broadening your skill set
    - How to find the training you need for the job you desire
  4. Retooling your resume
    - How to use the different sections of the resume effectively
    - How to make your resume ageless
    - Tips for handling gaps in your resume
    - Writing your resume
    - Resume workshop
  5. Building your personal brand
    - Why your personal brand is relevant
    - Understanding Linkedin and how it can help you job search
  6. Networking: a key component of your job search
    - The importance of networking in your job search
    - Job search networking tips
  7. Applying for jobs
    - How to find jobs online and offline
    - Using job boards
    - Creating your job search plan
    - Understanding application tracking systems and ther impact on your job search
  8. The interview process
    - How to prepare for an interview
    - Interview questions and answer suggestions
    - Questions you should ask during your interview
    - Tips for following up after your interview
    - Handling rejection
    - Job offers and how to accept them

What is special about this course

  • Online, live instructor-led sessions along with articles, videos, and assignments to give you an optimal learning experience.  Interact and ask questions in the instructor-led sessions and review supporting articles and videos at your convenience
  • Learn with a cohort of older peers in a safe, comfortable environment
  • Access to growing resources as we are continually adding new courses, articles, videos and other resources to help you succeed


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