Developing Your Linkedin Presence to Network or Find a Job

Developing Your Linkedin Presence to Network or Find a Job

Linkedin is the world's largest professional network used for networking, career development and finding and posting jobs. If you don't have a Linkedin profile, it's time to get one.  In this course, you along with our guide and a small group of peers will step through setting up effective profiles and using Linkedin to build connections to help you enhance your career and job search.

This course is for

  1. Job Seekers who want to take advantage of Linkedin's professional network and tools to help in their job search
  2. Professionals interested in networking and want to stay current with others in their industry
  3. Job Seekers who want to have an up-to-date resume that includes a Linkedin profile

What's in this course

  1. What is LInkedin?
    - Why you should be on Linkedin
    - How to get started with an account
    - Common Linkedin terms you need to understand
    - How to navigate Linkedin
    - Understanding settings and privacy on Linkedin
  2. Crafting your Linkedin profile
    - What makes an effective profile
    - Writing a good headline
    - Tips for your Linkedin photo
    - How to add details to your profile
    - Profile workshop
    - How to optimize your profile
  3. Building your network
    - The importance of adding connections
    - How to find and join Linkedin Groups
  4. Creating engaging content
    - How to post on Linkedin
    - What makes good Linkedin content
    - Comparison of Linked in Posts vs Articles
    - Writing and publishing your content
  5. Using Linkedin to find a job
    - How to research companies of interest
    - How to use Linkedin search functions
    - Using Linkedin Jobs tool to find opportunities and apply

What is special about this course

  • Online, live instructor-led sessions along with articles, videos, and assignments to give you an optimal learning experience.  Interact and ask questions in the instructor-led sessions and review supporting articles and videos at your convenience. Get feedback on your Linkedin profile.
  • Learn with a cohort of older peers in a safe, comfortable environment
  • Access to growing resources as we are continually adding new courses, articles, videos and other resources to help you succeed

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