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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out FAQs below to learn more about posting jobs on GetSetUp

How do I post a job for free?

Posting free job openings on GetSetUp is easy. Just enter details about your job directly on our site on our posting form. Once you've entered the details about your job and submitted them for approval, our team reviews the entry and will reach out to you to confirm details.

What is the cost to post a featured job opening?

Employers can choose to have their job opening(s) featured on our site. Featured job are prioritized in the job list to enhance visibility to job seekers. Pricing varies based on the number of featured jobs you would like to post. Email for further details

What type of jobs can I post?

GetSetUp is focused on empowering experienced, older adults to find meaningful work at employers committed to age diversity. Employers committed to hiring older adults are allowed to post a variety of job openings for jobs for which they are actively recruiting for current opportunities. The information about the job must be accurate and reflect the responsibilities and qualifications needed for the job. GetSetUp reservices the right to reject postings deemed inappropriate or not aligned with our mission.

How long does it take to get my job post approved?

Once you've submitted your job post for approval, GetSetUp will review the entry and connect with you to confirm details within 1-2 business days.

How many jobs can I post?

While there is no specific limit to the number of jobs GetSetUp allows employers to post on our site, we are committed to providing a variety of relevant, current job openings to job seekers. As such, job post submissions are reviewed and confirmed prior to being made active on our site. This helps ensure employers get maximum visibility for their job openings and that job seekers are exposed to a variety of job opportunities.