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How to Become a Content Creator
Developing Your Linkedin Presence to Network or Find a Job
Getting Back to Work
How to Become a Care Companion
How to Earn Extra Money Doing Odd Jobs and Handyman Tasks
How to Become an Online Teacher
How to Get a Side Job Walking Dogs or Pet Sitting
How to Become a Successful Rideshare Driver
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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQs below to learn more about our courses

What happens after I apply for a course?

Once you've submited your application, your interest in the course is noted and you will be contacted regarding the details of the next session.

What is a cohort course?

A cohort course is a type of learning program where a small group of learners join the online course together and then move through the curriculum at the same pace. In a GetSetUp cohort course, you, along with a small group of others, will start the course at the same time, complete the various modules together and finish the course at the same time. The modules in the curriculum are delivered in a variety of ways including live, interactive online sessions, prerecorded sessions, articles and more.

How often are courses offered?

Courses are regularly scheduled based on demand. As applications are submitted, cohort groups are formed and details of the next session sent to those who have applied for the course.

What equipment is needed to participate in a course?

Courses are taught on the GetSetUp platform using Zoom. You can join GetSetUp the course from any computer, laptop or mobile device with an Internet connection.  To gain the most value out of your class, you'll want a device with both a microphone and webcam.

How do I cancel my course application?

To notify GetSetUp that you are no longer able to participate in a course, email

Will GetSetUp be offering other courses?

Yes! GetSetUp is committed to empowering older adults as they pursue work opportunities. If there's a course you are interested in but don't see it currently offered, please email to let us know what you'd like to learn.

How can I send feedback on a course?

We'd love to hear your feedback about our courses. Please send your thoughts to